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Glassbot® Systems

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 Glassbot® is an award winning tool developed and manufactured in California by Nelson Glass Tools.

Speed - Safety - Power - Ergonomics

Since 2008 and still featuring the first automated, (we do the work for you) bonded glass removal system.


The AGR industry has shifted to tensioning devices as the tool of choice for glass removal. It is safer than previous methods for both the vehicle owner, shop owner and technician.

The Glassbot® stands alone in the industry with a remote control and it's powerful automotive grade DC motor providing the unlimited torque required when using man-made filaments.


Why choose the Glassbot®?

Field Proven

The Glassbot® has been in the field since 2008. My designs are built around the parameters of the task, not build cost. My high-torque motor coupled with the variable speed trigger on the remote control give you the utmost in control when removing glass parts. That is "control" not participation in having your hand on the machine.

Tough and reliable, my 7" flat glass pad holds with tremendous power and the design places all the loads to the center of the cup and maintains the same loading through 270°.


I offer a lifetime warranty (mine) on every tool I make. The Glassbot® has proven over the last 12+ years to be the robust machine I wanted to offer.


#1 You will not find another tool in the market that will allow you the freedom of movement as the Glassbot®. You are not dictated on where you need to be to operate the Bot. The benefits of working from outside the vehicle are apparent.

New for 2020, the Glassbot® QuarterMaster.

"In the Booth with Rick Nelson" see me demonstrate the various tools in my system in a trade show booth setting. YouTube  Glassbot® Channel

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