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Glassbot® QuarterMaster 2

Once again I hope to improve the ergonomics in the auto glass replacement industry with my new QuarterMaster.

OEM engineers continue to snicker at the aftermarket with quarter glass designs that hamper removals. 

The QuarterMaster mounts to the exterior of the part and after inserting the filament alongside the outside of the part, you begin winding and tensioning.

Designed for:

#1 - Ergonomics

Moving the technician from the back seat area to standing upright. 

Effort is at waist level. Shoulders in a neutral position.

#2 - Vehicle Protection

The technique itself reduces body / paint damage as the cutting element follows the contour of the body and is guided along the same plane as the interior trim. Eliminating sharp angles of cutting element exiting the adhesive from other techniques.

As will all tools, using the right tool for the part you are removing is critical to success. Please watch my videos, Episode #4 is a great place to start.

As will all my tools, I offer a lifetime warranty, (turning 67 in a few days so hurry up).

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