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Encouraging Innovation

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As a Product Manager you keep your eye open for innovation. Up until recently I have only been managing my product line but came across this new product that an auto glass technician developed. Designed to reduce the weight of large windshields, it utilizes a series of rollers to guide the glass into place. This eliminates the need of a second technician.

Getting started with a new product is tough, real tough. It does help if it is a "knock one out of the park" product, but normally, it is tough. As Peter Gold of Gold Glass Group stated when asked about the subject, he replied:

"I do not give advice, I give information. Marketing and distribution that is established that allows greater growth by the addition of added products (yours) is best accomplished by a non-competitor of your company that has existing marketing and distribution established. It is far less costly to provide 50,000 units to one distributor than going to every state in the US and all the provinces of Canada. Create a Trademark Brand, place your patent numbers on your products (if you have any) and profit."

Good strong information. Peter is a wise man.

I had already suggested to my new vendor to get the trademark started, he already has the patent petition filed. I'm just helping him in a small manner by promoting his product.

Please visit our site, Glassbot.net / com and see what we offer and take a look at our new Glass Setting Tools section.

Thank you for your time.

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