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Glass Bot® Systems

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Glass Bot® Systems

Speed - Safety - Power - Ergonomics


This is the Glass Bot®. Award winning design (SEMA Show 2015)

Featuring the first automated, (we do the work for you) bonded glass removal system.

The AGR industry has shifted to tensioning devices as the tool of choice for glass removal. It is safer than previous methods for both the vehicle owner, shop owner and technician.

The Glass Bot stands alone in the industry with a remote control providing the input to the machine.

Why choose the Glass Bot over other winding tools?

Prevent injuries to yourself.

Manual and drill attachment tools have you working with your arms overhead, using one hand to operate the tool and another to protect the vehicle. This posture is difficult at best and lends itself to debilitating injuries. Drill powered and manually operated tools can require hundreds of movements, both in moving the tool and the movement of operation. The physical exertion compiled over days will effect your health. Repetitive motion injury to the shoulder is the number one reason for down time and expensive medical bills in our industry. Most other winders are difficult as you are required to move the tool many times to stay in the proper cutting position. This takes time. 

Glass Bot allows you to position yourself in the most comfortable position.

Our powerful motor, (lifetime warranty) will not be overwhelmed by the requirements of this job. The 7" vacuum cup provide superior anchoring of the Bot to the glass, even on surface grids of rear glass parts. Suction cups on winding tools less than 6" in diameter will be overwhelmed by the demands of the urethane systems you will encounter. 

  1. Ergonomics
    • Work outside the vehicle
    • No physical connection with process
  2. Speed
    • Unmatched
    • Variable
    • Remotely Operated
  3. Safety
    • VIN Plate Protector Sheet
    • Hidden Cowl Pins
    • Location Pin Removal Tool
  4. Accessories
    • Pulley Systems
    • Powr Port (Test Probes not included)
    • Select Cutting Elements
    • Select Hand Tools
  • Value
    • Lifetime warranty
    • 10 years in the market
    • Purpose built for the job


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