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Glass Bot® Recon

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Our new Glass Bot® Recon Kits are designed for those using a winding tool.

Using a winding tool is great and the market agrees, as the majority of glass replaced in the USA is done using this method.

Some information has come out of damage from wire or filaments during the removal process. I developed this kit to assist with the trouble spots and get you on the way to a successful replacement process.

Datum / Pins

One of the biggest obstacles when removing modern fixed glass is the datum or locator pin that interferes with the process of pulling a cutting element through the adhesive. These pins will cause your cutting element to break and slow you down. I think this kit will help you tremendously, saving you time and money.

Because of the different shapes and thickness of these pins the most common and logical approach is to go over them and separate them from the glass side.

This kit that allows you to observe the pin in real time via a Video Camera you watch on your Smart Phone and address the situation with professional tools, four different sized Non-Marring Plastic Chisels.

Hidden Cowls

Damage to the cowl area from wire / filament is on the rise because of inattention to detail and it being very difficult to see that your cutting element is properly placed (if you don't have a Glass Bot). Both our Glass Bot® Work Cam Bore Scope and our new Cowl Pins will keep you out of trouble.

This is by far the least expensive insurance you can buy to protect you against losses from damaged vehicles.

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